Bobby and Racquel Wilkins met in college at S.U.N.Y Purchase University.  There they discovered not only their love for visual arts and painting but they found a deep spiritual connection that would years later join them together in marriage.

Racquel is a portrait artist and psychic, and with both her gifts she invisions herself passing this gift to the public with an invention she  calls soul portraits.  With her intuitive abilities she goes into a deep meditative state where she then focuses her artist side to manifest it on canvas.   Her passion is to bring light and love to all around her.  Every portrait she creates tells a story of your past, present future and life’s journey.  Racquel can paint in all different mediums and is open to suggestions as to what medium you would prefer your portrait.  Racquel’s personalized soul portraits are up lifting and inspiring which makes them  sensational gifts for a loved one or to ones self.  She always gets back to her clients with haste because she knows how excited her clients are for their next portrait.  Her family and friends are astonished by her ability to capture whats in their hearts and souls.

Bobby is a pop culture artist.  Bobby is very spiritual and calls himself a wiccan of creation.  He creates shadow portraits which are paintings or drawings with a large amount of black.  A shadow portrait is a portrait that brings light out of the darkness.  It can sometime express bright or dull colors in ways to express hopes, desire or longings.  A shadow portraits is a portrait of your inner and outer desires.  Its about personality and emotions as well as the journey that you have arrived from.  Unlike soul portraits shadow portraits only say who you are in this life in a collage of different themes and sometime abstract expressions.  Bobby’s work is inspired by 80’s pop culture from cartoons, movies, advertising and comics.  He loves to have fun with a portrait by adding a little 80’s or 90’s references.  He works in ink, oil and on an occasion gouache.  He’s always open to a medium of your choice.  Bobby Wilkins creates sculptures for special clients when the mood strikes.  Sculptures are often pricey and may take a few weeks to finish so he only offers to more invested clients.

Bobby and Racquel are amazing spiritual artists who love what they do.   With a lot of determination and focus they are living their dreams as artists with a loving family in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.  There they sell prints and gallery paintings of their work.  Their reputation is rapidly growing throughout Asheville and Charlotte as well as New  York.  People from all over are asking questions about what is a soul portrait,  the answer is “Art that inspires you.”