Arts for Healing

Arts for healing is a powerful method of tapping into the human emotions, psyche, and soul memory. As human beings, we identify with images more profoundly than anything else as our mind literally accesses memories through visual images and pictures. When we think back to a memory from childhood, most likely you will remember colors, images, faces and details from the memory you are recalling. This is how our mind tends to access emotional, and physical memories of the past and even what we are imagining for the future is represented in picture form in our mind’s eye.

Using arts for healing is therefore very powerful and therapeutic in that the images in the artwork speak to us at a primal and fundamental level. Although words themselves have immense creative force and energy, images and pictures relay emotion and transmit ideas that have an emotive connection far beyond the power of verbal language. Instead, it is a visual language all its own that can connect an individual with the truth of what they are viewing in a painting or picture.

When it comes to soul portraits, the portrait recipient can use their painting as arts for healing the traumas and blocks that may have plagued them throughout their life. Seeing themselves painted as the highest representation of who they can be has a very transformative effect on the individual. Not only does it raise your self esteem, a soul portrait allows the recipient to view themselves from a new perspective – that of their divine multidimensional self.

By offering a broader view and enhanced sense of life purpose, a soul portrait is truly arts for healing at its best. Soul portraits offer a reading of your life’s best future potentials while allowing you to view your portrait whenever you need encouragement or an emotional boost. The images can help you remember your life’s purpose while offering uplifting emotional cues to guide you forward on your life’s journey.

Using arts for healing is a wonderful way to move beyond old restrictions that have been holding you back. However like any therapeutic tool, it is just a beginning and the rest of the positive changes can be made through changing old beliefs and unserving thought patterns for a truly remarkable life transformation.

Taking a soul portrait is a wonderful start to a transformation from emotional pain and self doubt to using arts for healing to move your life into a positive directional flow.