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Awakening The Chakras Through Art

Art can provide inspiration and motivation as well as serving as a deep connector to the divine part of ourselves. There is a type of art that depicts chakric energy that can help us lead a more fulfilled life. For the uninitiated, chakras are energy centers which can be found at 7 distinct locations within the human body. There are also additional ones in the hands and feet and some studies have found even more Chakras and energy centers which connect body with spirit. Although there is extensive research available on the chakras and an extensive knowledge base online, some people are still not familiar with what exactly chakras are and what they “do”.



Exploring the 7 Charkras:

Chakra 1, RED : Root Chakra – Life Source, survival, root connection to the earth, foundation for all other chakras. Located in the hip area at base of spine (coccyx).

Chakra 2 ORANGE : Sacral Chakra – Feelings and creativity are born from this feminine, gestational energy center. Located in the abdomen.

Chakra 3 YELLOW: Solar Plexus Chakra – Power center focusing in on self confidence, self esteem, self control and self awareness. Located in the solar plexus region.

Chakra 4 GREEN: Heart Chakra – The center of the Chakra system. Center of universal love, feelings, and compassion. Located in the center of the chest.

Chakra 5 BLUE: Throat Chakra – Communication, voicing truths, manifesting and self protection through voice and a vehicle for self expression. Located in the throat, larynx.

Chakra 6 PURPLE: Third eye Chakra – Linking us with the spirit world and our intuitions, it offers connection with the divine. Also governs pituitary gland function. Located in the forehead.

Chakra 7 WHITE  Crown Chakra – The center of our divinity, governs pineal gland function. Enlightenment and awakening to the highest consciousness. Located in the crown and extending into higher planes.


Art that depicts the energy of the chakras can help to awaken their latent energy and power. Chakras are spinning wheels of light that when activated begin to spin quickly while connecting us with the energies associated with each. Meditation and yoga can also serve to awaken these power centers.

By viewing art that has captured the energy of each  chakra, we can benefit immensely seeing a transformation occurring as we open to the source energy that creates worlds and allow it to flow freely through us.