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A long time ago Catherine’s ancestors where visited by extraterrestrials. They wanted to spread there species on earth and help populate the earth. Her ancestors looked up to the extraterrestrials as GODS. They were blessed with a child which was half human and half Alien. Her ancestors are a long line of extraterrestrials that have traveled from planet to planet. They though they were going to prolong the life of humans with their DNA, since they them selves can live for hundreds of years. However it failed. They are still around today living on the opposite side of the sun. Because they are in the same gravity pull traveling around the sun as the earth. The earth is always on the opposite side of the sun then they are. They live off the rays of the sun for nutrients like plants. They can also breath hydrogen. They sometimes experiment on humans in hopes of creating a longer living human being so they can take one with them as a space explorer.