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Finding Your Way

It is a common thing to wonder if what you are doing with your life is what you are “supposed to be doing.” Somewhere around the 30s, once the fun of the 20s are winding down, we may begin to question our very reason for being and to put it plainly, wonder what’s the  point of all of this. There are many different schools of thought and some people will say there is no singular path in life that is destined. Instead, the purpose of life is a continual unfolding, exploration, and discovery. Although this is true in many ways, there are some of us who are inexplicably drawn to a particular activity or talent. If this isn’t the case, we may find that there are hidden talents we may never have guessed at on our own.

Finding your way means uncovering your path in the most natural sense. What appeals to your sense of well being? Where can you serve others in a way that is enjoyable, fulfilling, and rewarding? These questions will start to bring the answers many of us are looking for. Often in the quiet reflection of meditation, we can uncover some of the answers we seek outside of ourselves. Your path is simply the way you intended to share your uniqueness with the world in a way that will be beneficial to the good of all.

Portrait Readings are a great way to find out something new about yourself or simply to see yourself in a new and different light. They open your perspective to the presence of the divine in art and in you. Quiet time every day looking within and a sincere desire to find your way will reveal a rich and rewarding path for you that will allow your fullest self expression.