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Micah is a spirited boy with a natural love of life and inquisition about the world around him. As he grows and changes, his dominant personality comes out and his strengths shine brightly like the warm glow around him. His soul portrait depicts his affinity for soccer and sports related activity, while the husky depicted represents  his focused, willful personality that can be directed towards the good of the whole, such as with sled huskies. It may also be a future pet he may own in the future that will have a strong impact on his earlier years. The man with the gun represents a past life of a soldier who was not as kind as he could have been, and it is mirrored against a possible future potential as a public figure such as in politics. His smile remains on his face as he speaks to the crowd around him, showing his good natured spirit and positive energy along with is leading personality can work to guide others into a positive direction without being coercive or overbearing. The black butterfly depicted represents the metamorphosis and change from the past life to the positive future potential as well as the positive change he is able to affect in the lives of those he touches.