What are portrait readings?

Portrait Readings are  created by intuitive artists Racquel and Bobby. These artists have the ability to literally paint a picture of your soul and its multidimensional aspects. The end result is like a treasure map depicting past experiences, colors, people, and images that are relevant to your current life purpose.

Why Have a Reading?

A Soul Portrait Reading is a wonderful way to experience your soul at an energetic level through a pure, artistic visual representation. You will be able to delight in your portrait as you uncover hidden aspects of your soul life that you were previously unaware of. Having a soul portrait commissioned is a sacred experience that helps you to tap into your highest self and the possibilities that exist for you in this lifetime.

Most of all, you will enjoy having a portrait of yourself that expresses your most beautiful aspects in a fun, engaging and inspirational way. Your portrait may reveal past lives, future events, life on other planets, or strong talent abilities that may be latent.  You can find out where you strengths lie and explore future potentials you may have been considering that can offer your life a positive directional path. We can also create soul mate portrait readings of you and your spouse or significant other as well as pet readings.

To create your portrait, we need a photo of the person or people that will be painted. Using the photo along with some basic identifying information, your portrait reading will be created. Visit the ordering page for more information on how to order your very own  portrait reading.

We welcome your visit and hope that you will enjoy looking at the artwork we have lovingly created. We look forward to creating a soul portrait for you or someone you hold dear.

Peace, Love & Light

Racquel & Bobby