July 2013 – The Laurel of Asheville

Shop Talk: Portrait Readings

If you were reminded each morning of your greatest potential, think of all you could achieve. Energy art healers Bobby and Racquel Wilkins create personal soul portraits with highly transformative images that connect clients to their past, present, and future.

These intuitive portrait artists begin with a consultation. “The paintings are always positive,” says Bobby who designs portraits for individuals, couples, and even pets. “Seeing them every day helps you move forward.”

Aura and chakra portraits are colorful, while shadow portraits contain a large amount of black and bring your personality to the canvas. Mediums include watercolor, oil, marker, gouache paint, and pencil. Bobby can also create sculptures.

“There are no limits to what the soul portraits can be,” says Racquel. She also shows clients their positive future potential in what are known as treasure map paintings. Spiritual portraits for those who have passed away can also be commissioned. For the Wilkins, it’s all about inspiring, reading the energy, and bringing the best to light.

For more information, visit portraitreadings.com